Astrid understands how the human body and mind work together better than ::any:: of the (many) other physical therapists I've met.  She puts her understanding to good use, explaining and recommending beneficial practices and exercises, working directly on body pain and disability, affecting movement and posture.  As one who has fought back from a bad motorcycle accident in 1981 and is still recovering from a spinal injury in 2004, I know a little about good from bad when it comes to PT.

Nancy N. (MIT '76)

Before Astrid began treating me, I had been getting physical therapy until I lost the ability to use my right arm. The doctor told me that nothing would enable me to improve my ability to use my arm. Since I am a very-right handed artist, the loss of use of my right arm was devastating. Within 5 minutes of her evaluation exam, Astrid determined that my shoulder was not permanently damaged. Since then, she has found ways to exercise and strengthen both my shoulder and back. After years of being unable to stand or walk for longer than 10 to 15 minutes, I can now stand for an indefinite time and easily walk for over 30 minutes. I can lift my right arm over my head and do everything I could before my injury. For me, Astrid has performed a miracle.

Marcia H.

Astrid is truly gifted, and it took many health care professionals to finally find her. I was diagnosed with repetitive stress injury-- one doctor told me I needed surgery, another saw my spine out of alignment on the x-ray and prescribed pain pills, and then another recommended physical therapy. I saw many PTs that hurt me, caused me more pain, or just did not listen before I finally found Astrid. Within two sessions, Astrid explained the root cause of my chronic pain, and even showed me diagrams in her PT books, so I understood what was going on.

With her expertise of how the  body moves, years of experience, and clear communication, I was able to trust her. This level of comfort meant she could work with my body and manually manipulated the delicate areas of my spine. Her natural instinct, touch and holistic approach are qualities not often found in a PT and I believe she is the reason I am better today. Through the long process, she remained dedicated and passionate to help me improve by giving me stretches and exercises to do at home before the next session. I have since increased flexibility and strengthened my weaker areas.

After overcoming the worst of the injury and moving out of the country to start a job, I make sure to book an appointment with Astrid whenever I am back in Boston. She ensures that my flexibility and strength are in good working order so that I do not relapse. I have the utmost respect for Astrid: she is the reason I am able to work and live a fulfilling life again. Without any hesitation-- she is worth the appointment wait time, I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of a physical therapist.

Heather H.

Astrid is a brilliant knowledgeable healer and by far the very best physical therapist that I have ever seen. She has helped me overcome many of the pains of chronic Lyme disease and suggested breakthrough therapy that has remedied many of my symptoms. Astrid's working knowledge of trauma and the body makes her a sensitive and effective practitioner and educator. If is obvious that she loves what she is doing. Over the years I have seen Astrid for foot problems, osteoporosis and joint issues. I have never been disappointet and am frequently amazed as how adept she is. Astrid helped me build my core strength and improve my posture through exercises. She has provided effective therapy for numerous injuries and Lyme flare-ups, all of which have healed under her expert care. I cannot recommend anyone higher than Astrid.



Astrid has made a major difference in my ability to function.  Before I started seeing her, my toes were nearly “frozen” from earlier gout, so I had great difficulty in walking.  Now they are flexible and work fine.  I was also unable to raise my left arm above my head: no problem now.  She also helped me recover from a number of mishaps which caused debilitating lower back pain.

The nicest thing about being Astrid’s patient is that she is kind and warm, with a real sense of humor.



Astrid is a careful diagnostician and seeks to understand the root of the problem, not simply to treat the symptoms.  Her method of treatment is to do hands-on soft tissue work, coupled with careful explanation and continual re-evaluation and instruction.  With her help, I have learned healthier ways to move, something I had forgotten after years of chronic pain.   Astrid is a very intelligent and unusually pleasant person to work with.

She has been a great blessing to me.        

Joy B. C., MD


I am an 86 year old post-polio patient. For the last several years I have been having difficulties in the use of my right leg. My sessions with Astrid have been crucial in helping me cope with my chronic condition.

Astrid's great knowledge of the physiology of the musculo-skeletal system allows her to better understand and treat a patient's problems. She is not only a very competent and compassionate professional, but also very caring. Her positive attitude helps to add an important perspective to the treatment she provides.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Astrid as a superb therapist.

D.B., M.D.,F.A.C.P.


I feel so lucky to have Astrid as my PT. I have chronic muscular pain and had already tried many kinds of conventional and alternative doctors, none of which were helpful. Astrid’s work with me, on the other hand, has helped reduce my daily pain and allowed me to expand the range of activities in which I can participate. She is very gentle and sensitive to my needs and seems to always know exactly what kind of touch I’m needing. She is extremely compassionate, caring and generous. I look forward to my sessions with her every week!



Before my first meeting with Astrid at age 63, I was depressed because I was suffering persistent pain. I had not left my house for seven weeks, and I was unable to take the few steps necessary to go outside to get my mail.

Before that, I had been through lengthy sessions of PT at two different hospitals.  I also endured other painful therapy, and ineffective medications with harmful side effects. Worse, I received suggestions that I consider psychotherapy or a wheelchair or both. I felt that my life was over.

Finally, a sympathetic doctor recommended that I try Astrid.  From our first session, my life began to change.  Thanks to her regular PT sessions and easy exercises, I traveled to Europe three times in the last five years, and the quality of my life continues to improve. 

I am now 68.  Thanks to Astrid, I can get around by myself, and I’m finding life a pleasure once again.



Simply put, physical therapy sessions with Astrid have had a profound effect on my sense of well-being. For over a decade, she has helped my manage chronic pain - the result of a genetic degenerative joint disorder, as well as Fibromyalgia. As a result of my work with Astrid, I am able to get through each day without major discomfort and with greatly improved functionality and flexibility. I have come to love the Feldenkrais principles and my sessions with Astrid always leave me feeling invigorated, with better alignment and posture, and yes, taller! Even my energy levels have improved dramatically as a result of PT. She is a knowledgable and expert diagnostician and a gentle and results-driven therapist whose demeanor is both calming and playful. I am such an enthusiastic fan that even my teenage children have gone to Astrid. My work with Astrid has been truly life-changing!



I met Astrid after being diagnosed with Fybromyalgia. She was teaching an intensive exercise class for people with Fibromyalgia. I was a complete couch potato unable to work more than an hour a day, and stooped over like an elderly lady.  The first miracle was when she spent an hour working on my shoulders and I could see a huge difference in the mirror when she was done. Working with her in that class and subsequently on an individual basis has allowed me to return to nearly full-time work as well as going back to playing golf. She has taken 10 years off both the way I look and the way I feel.



Astrid Rothmund first came into my life through Spaulding Rehab. Having given my due to many physical therapists over a number of years, I did not hold out a lot of hope, but I trusted the doctor who referred me.

What I found was gold. Her knowledge of how the body works, the connection between the body parts and her ability to “work” on my body put her at the top of my medical list of “go tos”. Personally, I have had physical challenges and without Astrid’s help, I would most likely be wheelchair bound. She keeps my moving parts moving. She does not cause harm, does not have to watch me exercise, and she actually spends enough time with me to help.

As a bit of background, I have done patient advocacy for over 25 years and I know what separates the really good health care providers from the average to the really bad ones. Astrid is one of the really good ones.

Nancy S


I am a woman in my seventies. I’ve had several children and a new back ache with each one. Since working with Astrid, I have had mostly painless days for the last 6 (?) years.

Astrid is an accomplished physical therapist and has great concern for her patients. Relief comes quickly when you follow her directions. I highly recommend Astrid to you!

Ann Lee