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Astrid Rothmund Therapies, LLC

Knowing your body is power

My Services

Physical Therapy
Buteyko Breathing
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My Story

The curiosity on how the body moves and functions has been with me from a very young age.  I graduated with honors from the Academy for Physiotherapy at the General Hospital in Vienna, Austria in 1991.​  The first three years of my physical therapy career I worked at a major hospital, an out-patient Rehabilitation Center in Vienna, and in a private practice.  In the summer of 1995, I moved to the US where I spent the next five years working for the Rehabilitation Center of Rhode Island.


My mission is to help you regain function and improve your overall quality of life. Get in touch to learn about my full range of services. ​ Additional positions I have held include, working at the Bowdoin Street Health Center (associated with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Wellesley.  Since 2004 I have been in private practice.

Trainings and education

  • Connective Tissue Manipulation according to Hede Teirich-Leube and Elizabeth Dicke

  • Advanced Motor Therapy (with Robert Burgess)

  • Spine Health & Trunk Stability (with Debra Dent)

  • The Sensitive Nervous System (with David Butler)

  • Nerve gliding techniques (with Robin Blake)

  • Foot & Ankle Patho-mechanism (with Josh Bailey)

  • Buteyko Breathing (with Buteyko International, Buteyko Breathing Association)

  • Mulligan Concept (with Brian Mulligan)

  • Evaluation & Intervention of Shoulder Complex Pathologies

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (with Inge Berlin)

  • CranioSacral Therapy Level 1 (The Upledger Institute)

  • Integrative Somatic (Feldenkrais Method with Josef DellaGrotte)

  • Meridian Massage (with Achim Eckart)

  • Family Constellation and Breathwork (with Samvedam Randles)

  • Sensorimotor psychotherapy (former Hakomi Integrative Somatics) (with Pat Ogden)

What people say

Astrid is truly gifted, and it took many health care professionals to finally find her. I was diagnosed with repetitive stress injury-- one doctor told me I needed surgery, another saw my spine out of alignment on the x-ray and prescribed pain pills, and then another recommended physical therapy. I saw many PTs that hurt me, caused me more pain, or just did not listen before I finally found Astrid. Within two sessions, Astrid explained the root cause of my chronic pain, and even showed me diagrams in her PT books, so I understood what was going on.

With her expertise of how the  body moves, years of experience, and clear communication, I was able to trust her. This level of comfort meant she could work with my body and manually manipulated the delicate areas of my spine. Her natural instinct, touch and holistic approach are qualities not often found in a PT and I believe she is the reason I am better today. Through the long process, she remained dedicated and passionate to help me improve by giving me stretches and exercises to do at home before the next session. I have since increased flexibility and strengthened my weaker areas.

After overcoming the worst of the injury and moving out of the country to start a job, I make sure to book an appointment with Astrid whenever I am back in Boston. She ensures that my flexibility and strength are in good working order so that I do not relapse. I have the utmost respect for Astrid: she is the reason I am able to work and live a fulfilling life again. Without any hesitation-- she is worth the appointment wait time, I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of a physical therapist.

Heather H

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